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About Us

We're a 'one-stop-shop' offering you one contact point for your bookings, and as an online operation, we keep our costs as low as possible. But we still believe in quality customer service and high standards. Which is why we've teamed up with established independent travel agents on the ground in our area of operation to bring you Zambezi EcoTours - the ethical, environmental tourism alternative.

The ethical ecotourism alternative

Zambezi Eco-Tours believes the tourism industry owes a debt to the environment - the landscapes, wildlife and communities - which supports it, and champion ecotourism principals as a method of achieving positive benefits. We're a new online initiative aiming to encourage everyone to adopt ethical ecotourism principles, from the operator delivering the tourism service, to you, the tourist.

Zambezi Eco-Tours aims to operate with a neutral environmental footprint - minimising the impacts of our activities and offsetting those that remain through supporting grass-roots community and conservation projects. We're proud to be the first Victoria Falls based agent to operate on this basis, but will be even prouder when everyone else joins us!

Minimising environmental impacts

Zambezi Eco-Tours aims to minimise the environmental impact of its operations and services (for example our webservers are supported by renewable solar power), and encourages tourism accommodation and activity providers to do the same. We believe everyone has a responsibility to minimise the environmental impacts of their operations and services.

Zambezi Eco-Tours aims to work with tourism operators to increase environmental awareness and measure and monitor the 'environmental footprint' of tourism services, with the aim of minimising these impacts wherever possible. Through our partner EcoElements consultancy service we offer our specialist EcoAudit environmental impact review and monitoring service to partner tourism providers, aiming to turn the local tourism sector 'green' operator by operator.

The EcoAudit process encourages companies to make positive changes to reduce the environmental impact of their day-to-day business operations by minimising their direct impacts wherever possible and balancing the effects of those that remain through contributions to local conservation and community causes.

Book through us and help increase our voice to lobby tourism operators to take their environmental responsibilities seriously - you get the same products, at the same prices, whilst directly supporting our local community and conservation good causes.

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Supporting local conservation and community projects

As part of our commitment to balance the environmental impacts of our tourism operations in Victoria Falls, we donate five percent of the value of your booking to specially selected local ethical and environmental good causes. For every $100 spent with us, we donate $5 to one of our specially selected local projects. You still pay the same base rate that you would if you booked direct with the operator, but with positive benefits to local community and conservation projects to offset the negative environmental impacts of your accommodation and activities. We also encourage you to match our donation as an optional extra payment - there's no obligation - but the more people who book with us, and the more who make the a voluntary donation, the bigger our voice in trying to 'green' tourism by asking tour operators and accommodation providers in Victoria Falls operate to to make similar supporting contributions to good causes.

Against captive-animal interactions

Please note that we also do not believe that wild animals should be used in captive-interactions for tourists, and as such we do not sell elephant-back safaris or lion walks, both of which operate in Victoria Falls, and which we encourage you to also avoid.

Alternative to hunting for conservation

Whilst we acknowledge the role that commercial hunting has played in conservation in Africa, with large areas managed for overall wildlife benefit (but for the sacrifice of certain species), and forming important buffer areas between safari and community areas, we believe that ecotourism provides an alternative to hunting in generating revenue and jobs for local communities. We therefore do not support any organisations directly involved in commercial hunting.

Help us have a bigger voice by booking your Victoria Falls, Hwange and Chobe travel options through Zambezi EcoTours.

Discover Chobe

We specialise in tailor-made itineraries, combining the best that Chobe has to offer in safari lodges and specialised wildlife safaris. Our specially selected Botswana booking agent is based in Kasane, gateway to Chobe National Park, and has over 15 years of tourism operational experience, so we're ideally placed to arrange those local logistics, accommodation and tours.

Interested in exploring Chobe?

Book through us and help increase our voice to lobby tourism operators to take their environmental responsibilities seriously - you get the same products, at the same prices, whilst directly supporting our local community and conservation good causes.

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